Another day of not a lot!

This morning I woke up feeling average but optimistic.  I put on my skinsuit and packed up my slippy stuff hoping to get a couple of descent pursuit efforts.  Once at the track I was told all I was doing was a warmup behind the motorbike and a couple of start efforts.  Gutted, I got my bike ready and headed up to the track, a couple of minutes later Andy came up with the bike and thats where I spent the next 30mins.  With that done I made myself useful and helped out for a bit then I got on the track.  I got a couple of good starts in although I did go a fraction early on the second start which made my life that wee bit harder.  After a cooldown that was me done until after lunch time.

All my afternoon consisted of was 30mins easy on the rollers and attempting to jump onto a box as quick as I could, not that quick!

More of the same really now, i'll chill out for awhile and hopefully i'll get some pursuit efforts in tomorrow.  Its the last day of track so its then or never before Cali.

Enjoy and i'll let ya's know how it goes.



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