Pre race day stuff!

Not much to report today, up at 8.30 for another casual breakfast and a roller session at 10am the same as yesterday.

With the very spacious roller session done and a light lunch out of the way I was of to the track at 1pm for our last training session. Today was never going to be that strenuous with the race being tomorrow so it was a no pressure last minute blow out. The session itself was longer than I thought it would be but nothing that fast. With a 35-40 minute track warmup done I had a few short efforts just to open the lungs up. Next effort was a flying lap which is the first event of the omnium tomorrow! It went ok and not being a sprinter or evening having a clue how to ride a sprint I was saying nothing. After the flying lap it was a 20 minute cooldown then pack up as quick as possible then get outta there.

With dinner at 6 then a quick team meeting to fill us in on what is happening tomorrow there was plenty of time to chill out in the evening. I'm of to bed soon and i'll try and fill you in on what happens tomorrow night.

Here's where all the action is gonna happen!

Wish me luck!


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