Omnium day 1!!


What a few days it has been. I'm lying in my hotel room at 11.30pm on sunday evening and it's all over, well, nearly, still have to get a lot of stuff into 1 suitcase but i'll worry about that in the morning!

It all started yesterday morning when i had a bit of a lie in because i wasn't racing intil 1pm or thereabouts. First event was in the men's omnium was a flying lap. 2 weeks ago I hadn't a clue what to do in one, really. Which a bit of practice and a big stick, Andy got the best out of me. I did a respectable enough time and place 10th which was good enough for me. With a 3 hour gap until the points race I colded down after the first race and headed over to the nearly hotel and got a bit of lunch in there restaurant. With the usual cyclist meal of pasta down my neck I chilled out for awhile and took my time getting back to the track.
Next up was the points race and its a race I kinda like but I know its going to hurt alot. Before I know it i'm warming up and then the race is on! I started from the blue on the bottom of the track with Andy holding me and giving me some last minute advice, and a good shove when the whistle went. To be honest with you the next 160 laps were a blur and I just raced hard, tried to get as many points as I could and listen to Andy on track side. More honesty here, If it was for Andy keeping me right and telling what is happen and what to do I know for sure the result would have been worse. When the dust settle and I could see straight again I had a look at the score board and I was 5th. I was delighted because the race is such a lottery that anything can happen and you need to be in all the right moves. Back on the rollers again and it was for a nice cool down all in prep for the last race of the day in about 4hrs time.

Last race of the day and 3 of 6 in the omnium next up was the elimination race. A race I haven't really done and was dreading a bit and what turned out to be for a good reason. Simply it was a disaster, every 2 laps the last man over the line got eliminated and I was the 3rd man out, i was devastated and it took awhile to sink in. I spent the next 30mins cooling down and starring at the ground in a daze, Gutted! With a few words of reality from Andy the only option was to pick myself up, dust myself of and get ready for the next race. I tried telling myself shit happen but it still got to me. With a quick phone call to Grace she kept me right and got me to take a step back and look at what i've done already. She was right, if you told me I would be 5th in any of the races I would have laughed it and said wishful thinking! So I swallowed hard, refocused and went to be looking forward to a good pursuit tomorrow.

Right, i'm really really tired now. I'll fill you's in on the last days events tomorrow.

Talk then.

This was typed up after midnight so forgive the mistakes!


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