In Poland at this point.

Well folks, I was up at 6am this morning and out the door, straight to the velodrome. The bags had to be packed into the van and shipped to the Airport.

At the airport check in was interesting as we were told not all the bikes would fit onto the plane as it was small??? After all the drama and sacrificing a few bikes we were of to the gate and found out why the luggage wouldn't fit. The plane was pretty small and looking at it I didn't think 1 bike would go on. Once on the plane though it was really roomy for the passengers. The plane only carry 48 people which was only half full and that gave us all a good bit of room.

I'm in Poland now and to be honest i'm not really sure exactly where but I think it Prudskow. With a surprisingly comfortable flight from Geneva to Warsaw it was the case of same thing different country. I hung around with the rest of the team and waited on my bike which didn't take took long and we were off. Outside in departures we were greeted by a, lets just say Large angry looking man holding a board saying "Martyn Irvine, Cycling Ireland."  Hoping he wasn't here just for me (I've seen those movies) we all made ourselves known and after a small bit of hanging around we were of the the bus.

After a tight squeeze getting everything into the bus we headed straight to our hotel which was organised for us by the race. I wouldn't really call it a hotel but more like a B&B but a big one at that. Once I was settled in I got a bite of lunch with the team and then headed of to build up my bike and then get on the rollers for 30mins or so to loosen out the legs. Roller session done it was just a matter of getting my stuff organised and knowing where everything is, then it was time to chill out. Chilling out done and some having got some clothes washed it was time for dinner and by this point in the day it felt like 12 o'clock at night! With dinner done it was back to the room to catch up on some emails and a badly typed up blog!!

Tomorrow is another easy day so don't be looking for any exciting stories then!

Talk soon



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