Day 2 in Aigle over, 8 hour chamois shift!!

Hey folks,

Today starter alot earlier than I had planned for but its good to get the work done early.  I was on track at 9am and its started with my favourite warmup, 20-30mins behind the motorbike.  The first proper session was a nice standing 2k to open up the lungs.  It was a steady effort for me and I'm not far behind where I left off at the europeans. The rest of the session went pretty similar and before I know it lunch had arrived, it had to be a quick one because we were back on track in 1hr 30.

With a light lunch in me I was back on track for the second session.  This session was more sprint specific and i've grown to like the sprint work.  It was a short and sweet session and when it was over I headed to the gym to throw some weights around for awhile.  The gym finished the day of nicely and it was time for a shower, chamios time done!

After clearing my plate at dinner I didn't hang around and headed straight back to put my feet up.  This is as far as I've got this evening so i'm checking out.

See ya.


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