Day 1 over!

First day on the track done and I really shouldn't feel this bad!  I'm typing this, my legs hurt and i'm yawning my head off, not good.  The track this morning was interesting, just me, Felix and Sarah hammer.  On the track I felt like I was pedaling squares and unfortunately Sarah likes a hard warmup, lets just say it hurt and i'm saying no more!!

After a light lunch I headed back to the digs to get an hour or two just chilling out.  That went past pretty quickly and I was soon back on the bike heading down to the track.  The session this evening was Zone 3 on the iindoor training, sounds easy enough right?? It's not the power that gets me, its starring at the wall with the sweat bucketing out of me, It really gets uncomfortable, It's not to good when you can't feel what you're pissing through if you know what I mean!  With that session done I soon hopped of the bike and went to get changed then straight for food.

I'm back in the digs now and i'm gonna try and recharge my batteries,

Talk soon,



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