Rest day in Poland.

  Well, it's that time of the day again!

This is what I spent over an hour of my day doing.

And this is what I spent the rest of the day looking at!

Today's plan was an easy day and thats what it was, easy. To be honest I felt like I needed it and it wasn't as bad as I'm letting on.  It started with breakfast at 9am then rollers and 10am after that it was time to waste abit of time, if that makes sense.  I've becoming pretty good at flicking through website's and I can safely say that my laptop manufacturer isn't lying when the say it has a battery life of 7 hours when in use, it definately does!!

With a light lunch at 12pm and another roller session in the after noon it was time to resume the position, on the laptop.  All this time on the web has been a good thing apart from the square eyes!  I've got some serious christmas shopping done and the plastic is fully loaded, what would ya do without 0%!!  Seriously though I really did enjoy today as the last few weeks have been pretty tough, If I wasn't training hard I was travelling and that takes it out of ya.

As I type this I'm digesting dinner which was about 30mins ago and my plans for the rest of the evening are to do nothing, maybe i'll watch another movie.

Thats me, chat to ya tomorrow.



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