Back on track.

Well people, like I said i'm back on track.  

With an early start this morning Grace and myself were crawling down the M1 towards the airport, thanks to overnight snow.  To be honest it was the last thing I wanted to be doing, I was and I wasn't looking forward to going away from now until Christmas.  With some encouraging words in my ear I left Grace at the airport and headed of to Check in. With the now routine process of checking in and security checks I was of to the gate for a 2hr 30 minute wait thanks again to the snow.  Eventually I got to Geneva then onto Aigle where I headed straight to the track.  After inhaling lunch I headed down to the track where I met Andy and co, being his usual self we were up on the track ASAP.  I managed a whole 20mins behind to the bike without falling off and that was our session done,  Brilliant, because I was wrecked and my new pedals were causing me grief!!

The rest of my day has been spent lying on my ass and playing with my laptop, hench this!  I'll keep you all posted on what happens and hopefully I'm of to get rid of these pre training blues.



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