Track training, Day 3.

All I can is thank God tomorrow is a rest day!!

Sorry, Hello people!!

Today was a savage day of training and I'm glad to be sitting here typing this now.  I had an early enough start to the day and with breakfast out of the way I chilled out for an hour or so and was off out on the road for a couple of hours.  That was the plan anyway!! It turned out to be an hour spin with a puncture in the middle of it.  I was glad when it was over and I got back in the door because it was freezing out!  After this session it was a quick turn around and straight door to the velodrome. 

With a light lunch into me it was down to track side to get the bike ready for what I knew was going to be a sore session.  My gut feeling was right, it was another session that involved a lot of the stuff I hated doing and to make things worse there was a motorbike as well!! In a nut shell I was sprinting, hanging onto the motorbike, sprinting, hanging onto the bike, you get the idea. With that out of the way and the pain in my legs starting to ease I had an hour or so until the next session.

6pm and the last session of the day and it couldn't be over quick enough! Sitting trackside and getting ready to go and the motorbike appears again.  The first words that crossed my mind I couldn't repeat but I sucked it up and got on with it.  The session was basically something similar to this afternoon but sprinting with a bit more endurance involved.  With 20mins of chasing after a motorbike this evening on top of the rest of the day I was toast.  I left the track fit for a body bag and like I said at the start, thank God tomorrow is a rest day!

I'm of to try and recovery so i'll talk to ya's soon.



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