Switzerland track training day ???

Hey folks, I'm back!

I didn't see much point in blogging the things I didn't do yesterday so I thought I'd leave it to now, but I did watch "the Prestige" which is well worth a look.

Anyway, after a day of doing nothing yesterday it was back to business this morning.   I was up early enough as the track time was 9-12pm although I did leave breakfast to as late as possible.   With breakfast in me it was the usual shuffle to find everything I needed for the day then out the door to the track.   A bit like ground hog day by this point it was just a matter of getting the bikes geared up and my kit on.   The session started with one of my favourite warmup's which was following the motorbike for the guts of half an hour while it got faster and faster.   With the body well warmed up it was more short fast stuff which by this point in the week I was getting better at but by no means good at!   I have to say the sprint stuff is a different ball game to what i'm used to but it's great fun when you get the hang of it, kinda.   Last thing on the agenda for this morning's session was a Kilo!  Short but bloody horrible if you ride it with 100% commitment, which i usually do.  Sitting track side even the sight of the start gate being pushed up onto track get my heartrate up and a nice jingle of nerves.   At this point i'm pretty well drilled at getting out of the gate but still I went a fraction to soon which just makes life that we bit harder.  With the next minute or so of absolute pain out of the way it was time to cool down, get washed up and head for lunch.

It's the late afternoon by this point and to be honest my body was letting me know that it was tired, aches and pains creeping in and also bit of a dopey head (more so than usual!)  It's weird though because I still felt pretty good, maybe it's just knowing that I have a lot of quality training in my legs.  With all those niggles it was back onto the bike for a bit of another session which in theory sounds easier than this morning....but isn't!!  It was long steady state efforts which by the end it's nearly your head that cracks first.  After what seemed the longest hour of my life it was the same old routine of cooling down, packing up, getting washed and straight to dinner.

That's basically the best of my day and I plan to do as little as possible for the rest of it!



PS, Happy halloween everyone!!


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