A Saturday in Aigle.

This was the image from last nights training session that Felix kindly took and by looking at it you get the point!!

Back to today though which started way to early for me.  On track at 8 so I had my breakfast at 6.45am which at this point in a training camp is pretty horrible.  Before I headed to the track I had to pack up my stuff and move to another hotel and at 7am at this time of year in Switzerland it's pitch black out and just it feels wrong dragging your bags around at that time.  That done it was the usual spin to the track and when I got there it was the usual shuffle to get ready to go on track.  Today was slightly different though as I was on the rollers first which normally means the track time is going to be some sort of timed effort!!  As expected it I was up for a standing 3k which hurts fresh legs never mind tired legs but like I said in a previous blog i'm starting to get used to pursuiting.  With the roller routine out of the way it was business time and yet again the sight of the start gate always throws the heartrate up a few beats.  Although I dread this type of effort it is really good to get them done.  If you get your head in the right place it can be a good dress rehersal for race day, which is what I was trying to do.  In the start gate again with the count down bleeps getting the nerves jingling all of a sudden I was off! I'll avoid telling you the time as its none to impressive but let me tell you it hurt like hell.  At the point of near collapsing I was told I was up in 15mins for another 3k effort! Yes, another one but instead of standing it was a rolling effort.  With the next 3k being as painful as the first it was time to get washed up and head up for an early lunch which I inhaled.  After that it was back to the hotel to chill out for awhile.

The rest of the day was not that exciting with just another easy road spin and back for dinner on the cards.  By the time dinner came around even the cycle to and from the track was hard work and lets just say i'm looking forward to a few easy days next week.

Enjoy your weekend!


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