Revolution 29

Well!! It's just after midnight and I've ordered room service!

The racing tonight was interesting but it was nice to get back on the track.

There was a busy schedule for the evening's racing but really only 4 races for the elite riders. Some of the underage riders was pretty cool to watch though.

The first proper race was a 60 lap points race and to be honest I can't really remember much of it!  I did pick up points in the earlier sprints and spent the rest of the race hanging on like a snot! Going into the last sprint and about 6 laps to go I got away with Alex Dowsett but I was wrecked and didn't stay away to get any points. I finished up 5th and was happy enough to get a good work out.

Scratch was next up and it was a 40 lap race.  From the gun it was fast enough and I kept out of the wind and out of trouble.  After numerous moves going and coming back there was Luke Rowe and Ed Clancy of the front of the group, it stalled a bit and I jumped over to them and did a 3 lap turn which kept us about half a lap ahead.  By the finish I was pretty goosed and finished 3 out of 3.

Happy enough with the evening's racing it was a quick cool down, pack up our stuff and a taxi back to the hotel for a shower, some food then straight to bed.

Back on my travels tomorrow so I'll talk to ya's after that.



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