Last official training day!!

Its been a bit of a weird day today, hard training and I found myself thinking about one man in particular.  Felix showed me this photo and he only knew Brian in it and I couldn't believe who I seen in the background.  Paul Healion! To be honest I don't think I even knew him when this was taken but it still got me thinking about all the good times we had when I did know him.  If I'm being to soppy here please tell me but it's what i'm thinking.  What makes things that bit harder is that i'm in Aigle where we spent plenty of time knocking the shit out of ourshelves.  Hopefully I can carry on with what Paul started back when he took up the track and keep the Irish colours flying. 

Sorry, back to today's fun.  The track session this morning was supposed to an easier session but I finished it nearly throwing my breakfast up, really!  It started out not to bad with a nice steady warm up with a few jumps.  Next thing up was some sprint work which i'm definately getting the hang of but as I said before i'm far from good at it.  Last part of the training session was spent playing with the motorbike and with the fatigue in my legs it was never going to be easy.  After numerous efforts the session finishing involved me doing about 170+rpm on the back of the bike and going very fast,  it hurt alot thats all I can say.  Being delighted that was over I did the usual and now boring shuffle of packing up my stuff, getting washed and heading for some lunch.

After lunch Felix and myself had about an hour or so to get ready for a 2 hour road spin with I wasn't really looking forward to but hey!  We had a World Champion and her husband for company or should I say Olympic coach and his wife.  I'm not sure on that one but World champion is more impressive, sorry Andy:)  With a nice steady spin done I was delighted to be finished training for the day and looking forward to just lying in bed, which is exactly where i'm typing this from.  With only dinner left to go out for tonight i'm planning on doing as little as possible.

Talk to ya's soon!!


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