Aigle, Switzerland

Hey folks!

After a day of travelling from Manchester to Switzerland I am in Aigle, UCI HQ for some more track time.

With what should have been a rest day I spent alot of it hanging around waiting on taxi's or in the airport and with a flight and a train delay I finally made it to to bed in Aigle at about 12.30am, wrecked! 

My alarm came pretty quickly to be honest and at one point I though I didn't get any sleep at all. It was a case of getting up, breakfast into me and out the door straight to the velodrome.  At the track I had to reassemble my bikes which is always a pain in the ass when you've done it a 1000 times and then cycling gear on and up to the track.

Training today was a new learning curve for me.  I was doing stuff that i've never done before and to be honest it felt horrible.  With that unique training session done it was time for lunch which i'm glad i'm not paying for up front, i was starving!  Food into me and I was straight back to the digs from a bit of chillout time before heading straight back down to the track again!!  Evening season was normal enough and it hurt in all the right places! Yet again it was session over, food into me and straight back to the digs which is where I am now.

I've nothing exciting planned for this evening so I'm off to put my feet up.



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