Heading west..again!

10 days ago I walked right passed where I am sitting now. I was walking like someone fresh out of a car crash and most of the clothes I was wearing were firmly stuck to me.  I’m sure I had a nice aroma too but nobody really seemed to notice.

Next stop for me is Madrid which is just a stepping stone on my way to Mexico City then another short hop to Guadalajara. The whole team is somewhere in the airport too but I took off and found a quiet corner to do this. The novelty of floating about airports sneaking a free squoosh of the latest cologne and munching on some free chocolate has well and truly wore off me….although, maybe I do hum a bit!!

The last week has be different. I haven't been fully resting or fully training, kinda in limbo. The European championships falls at a weird time and it’s hard to do the right thing. With half the mens TP hanging in tatters Chris McNichol from SINI came out to put us back together again. Considering the smack we took we got off lightly. Cuts, grazes, bumps and knocks was all we got. 

For me next week is a little up in the air, I’ve put in some good work with the lads and did some solid Omnium work. The main thing is a niggling knee problem and a random twinge in my achilles but I’m pretty sure thats just the side effects of jumping off my bike at 60kph a few weeks ago.  I’ve set some clear goals for my next Omnium and I’ve pretty confident that I can tick each box. This Friday I have the Team Pursuit qualifying and on Saturday and Sunday I have the Omnium.

Traveling for the TP is Ryan Mullen(wonder boy), Cormac Clarke (the skinny red one), Thomas Fallon(Mr happy) and Javan Nulty(TBC)…..I’ll work on that one!

Wish us luck,



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