Sweatin gravy.......

Hey folks!

First things first, its 2012!!  Where the hell did that come from.  Can't believe it.

My new year started in Mallorca with my best buddy!  After a brief but enjoyable Christmas I was back in a plane on the 27th Dec. Probably sooner than I would have liked but it kept me away from the sweeties!  I spent most on the st Stephens day/boxing day (cross border info:) moping around feeling sorry for myself, I had so much fun just hanging around with Grace and I suppose being apart for the new year was the problem.  While I was hanging around Madrid waiting for my flight to Palma and even before I could snap myself out of my depressed mood I got a couple of missed calls from Grace. Straight away I was on the blower and she told me she was coming out to Palma!!  Happy days, she had another week of work and in hind sight it seemed an obvious idea. Thanks to Bernie and Tony for getting that ball rolling.

My training started pretty rough out here. I felt like a dog for the first couple of days and I'm sure I was sweating out one to many dinners and a chocolate or two. With those couple of days under my belt I was getting into the swing of things. There was a lot more core work in the training plan this time which was weird at first but I'm starting to like it.  I also had Grace to come home to which was brilliant!  On the bike my numbers are good too, my long intervals are on the nice side of 400 watts which always cheers me up. My pursuiting is solid and my sprinting has improved. All in all it's positive.

I have another 4-5 days to play with my bike then it's back in the air and my next stop is Beijing. The 3rd World cup.

I'll let ya's know how things go,



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