Another one down!

I'm in my room now and I've never been as happy to be sitting in bed!  The constant training has caught up with me.  I'm still able to do the training be it feels like my body is in auto pilot, i'm just going through the motions.

Today was another split day with 2 hours in the morning then a track session in the evening.  The spin in the morning was pretty routine by now, I have a loop that is close to 2 hours and the roads are pretty good so that was the plan today.  The route itself is pretty popular, there were hundreds of other cyclist all over the roads, myself and Felix rode steady and after 20 minutes or so we picked up 10-15 passengers, felt like starting my own tour group! I think they were just delighted to get out of the wind.  With that steady spin done we had 3 hours before we had to head off to the track.  That was enough time for a trip to the bike shop (which was closed!) and a light lunch.  I know what I'm about to say is sad but it's SO nice!  When you have done a descent spin and you are starving, this is heaven:

When were feed and watered we headed straight to the track which takes an easy 35 minutes.  Once there the plan today was the usual 50 lap warmup with a couple of jumps at the end, flying 3K effort then a 80 laps points race.  The warmup hurt like hell, as it always does and then the God's stepped in.  It's start raining pretty hard out and there was one or two drips on the track, really hard tyres, wood and water aren't a good mix!  While we hung around waiting for it to stop raining Andy went around trying his best to soak up the water.  By the time the rain had stopped and the puddles were mopped up the best part of our session was gone.  Andy decided to scrub the pursuit effort and just do the points race, that was fine in my book!  There isn't much to tell you about the points race other than it hurt alot and I broke a saddle in the process. 

Tomorrow's plan is a track session from 12-2pm and that's it, no other road spin, woohoo!  Oh yeah, I have to buy another saddle too!

I'm off to vegitate!



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