Second day in Majorca, with cuts and bruises!

Hey folks!  I'm glad to tell ya that my body isn't in to bad of shape and everything works the way it should, even if it hurts a bit.  As I expected, getting out of bed this morning was interesting but once I was up and moving I felt ok.

Today I was up at 6.50am and on the road for 7.30am.  Andy had set us up with a guy called Ken who was going to take us to a group spin and keep us right.  We met Ken at 8.15am and headed straight over to meet up with the group.  When I say group I mean bloody massive bunch!!  There had to have been 80 guys all raring to go.  The spin started out really steady, probably to steady as I was freezing.  It soon got going and there was men jumping of the front like there was a finish line near by.  All was going well until somebody decided to lie down in front me and the first thing that crossed my mind was "F##K, not again!"  Thankfully though they seemed to skid away from me and I was safe as houses.  After a bit of a break to get everyone sorted and the wait for the ambulance we were of again.  I think the guy wrecked his ribs. There was some difference in speed than before the crash, i think everyone just wanted to get home in one piece now.  With 2hours 30min done the group stopped for a coffee and a sandwich and boy was I glad, starved at this point.  For the next hour some poor cafe had 40-50 cyclist all over the place like ants.  It really was a cool environment, everyone was laughing and having the craic.  I'm sure it was good craic but they were all spanish and I didn't have a clue what they were saying.

    This is only a couple of guys that were on the spin!!

With everyone fed and watered it was time to head back and everyone was keen!  The pace was 'brisk' for the next 2 hours and I was probably going harder that I should have been.  By this point in the spin and with an hour and a half to go I was starting to ache.  My palms were in bits where I'd been playing with tarmac and my scuffed knee was starting to tell me things I didn't want to hear.  Keeping the pressure on was a nice way of forgetting how sore I was and before I new it I was back at the hotel. 

After 30 minutes of icing everything that hurt I went out to lunch with Felix and just chilled out for awhile.  The rest of the evening will consist of as little as possible and that's all I have to tell ya so I'm off.



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